What Is The Minimum Order Quantity To Import From China?

Minimum Order Quantity

Most of the business companies are getting the benefits of China’s cheap price products and the reason is profit earned with this business. There are thousands small and medium-size enterprises gaining the most out of it but there are many challenges in this business. The first problem is regarding the product you are searching for because there is too much brainstorming required to do this thing. After choosing the right product you need to figure out the quantity required. This is the main challenge where most of the enterprises stuck. Manufacturers produce a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and if you don’t need this amount of product then this is such a daunting issue. The MOQ vary with every manufacturer and this is the reason that you should search for the right manufacturer. On the other hand, there are some of the methods to lowering your MOQ with most of the manufactures.

How To Lower The Minimum Order Quantity?

You can get started with the help of every manufacturer but minimum order quality and quality is the only issue. You can find the perfect manufacture in terms of quality but what about quantity. Well, negotiation is the only thing which can help you out here. When you contact with a manufacturer on any B2B platform then you are able to check out MOQ and if this isn’t provided there, you should visit the official website of a manufacturer or consult them about it. If the minimum order quality offered by a manufacturer is little more than you need then this is the best time to negotiate. Most of the manufacturer works on quantity bases and if the product is costly then you can get money based orders. If you are searching for an LED manufacturer then you have ordered according to quantity but you are also able to get your product manufactured according to money. The minimum order quality isn’t the issue here. On the other hand, if you are negotiating and good in this thing then you can take them 20% down in MOQs.

Alternatives To Reduce MOQ

There is the solution for every problem in China and this thing also applies for minimum order quantity. If you willing to import 200 units of a toy and the manufacturer offers you 300 or more as MOQ so negotiation doesn’t work here. However, you are able to get 200 units from the same manufacturer by paying little more for every unit. This will give them more profit and these are orders take less time to complete so they will do this thing for you. Even chances of getting defected products also reduce here which is also beneficial for you. This is the best method but this method is less effective in terms of profit that’s why there is one more solution to earn good profit. You can increase order quantity and try negotiation for one more time. Try to increase by 20 to 30% in your order quantity and ask the manufacturer to reduce MOQ with the same percentage. This is the little bit tricky and if you are good in negotiation then you can get the perfect deal.

Ordering More Than One Products

If you are going to order 200 unit of a toy and the manufacturer doesn’t offer you this low amount then you can order for something else including this. If you try to order 200 unit of a toy and 100 units of another type of toy then you are able to place an order. But this is not for many importers because you will end up purchasing something which doesn’t have any demand. Well, if you don’t want to run into any trouble then make sure that you have back plans like choosing a product which is in demand and having a backup of another product which is also in demand. This method won’t reduce minimum order quantity but you are able to buy something which can be sold with ease. This is the good method to earn the profit and there are lots of manufacturers who are providing the single product that’s why you should go for another manufacturer to get variety and reduced MOQ.

Compare Them With Others To Reduce MOQ

This is the fun fact worldwide that if you compare one with another then you can get something which isn’t possible and this is the same thing here. If a manufacturer isn’t offering you the minimum order quantity as you want then tell them that their competitor is offering you reduced MOQ even in the same price. This will help but don’t use any other manufacturer name in front of them because they may know that such companies don’t reduce their MOQ. This is really helpful and most of the people use this trick to fool them to avail right quantity.

Get Pre-Made Products

If you place an order for manufacturing then you get fresh and new made products. Well, this thing matter in very few products that’s why if you buying something which has a stable demand is mostly pre-made. Many manufactures offer pre-made products at reasonable prices. You need to pay the reduced amount and the minimum order quantity for such product is negotiable in many ways.

Checking Out the Manufacturer On B2B Platforms

Manufacturers available on B2B platforms are able to sell you the need in reasonable price because such manufacturers have pre-made products. The minimum order quantity offered is very low and the price charged is also suitable to most of the importers. If you agree with the terms and condition of manufacturing including the MOQ then you can start working. Keep on working with a supplier or manufacturer will improve business relation. This will provide the convenience in reduced quantity and prices. In any condition, you aren’t able to get what you want then you should change the supplier or manufacturer. This is the only method to reduce minimum order quantity with ease.