What Is Canton Fair China?

China, the topmost leading country in manufacturing everything, is known worldwide and there thousands of product variety is available in China. This is the only country which is exporting this much product to the globe. Every year, there is a fair organized called as Canton Fair. This Canton Fair China was started in 1957 of spring which is all about import and export fair. This fair is also known as with different name called as Chinese export commodities fair and most of the Chinese manufacturers try to show their best in it. This fair is held two times in the year and basically, it is held in two main seasons. Basically, this fair held once in the spring season and second one in autumn season in China that’s why most of the importers participate in it to check out the qualities of most of the manufacturer. Canton Fair China is the place of attraction for many people and mostly this is all about money so importers and exporters, both take interest in it.

Canton Fair China –The Best Exhibition Place

In order to get participation in this fair as an exhibitor, there are many things required as an exhibitor. Most of the people think that everyone can install a stall in the exhibition but this isn’t that simple because there are very strict rules to participate. Basically, exporter enterprises are not able to get into this thing and exhibit. There are lots of enterprises which are running without the even license but non-legit enterprises are not able to participate. All the enterprises must be approved by the law and rules. The enterprise must have the right to import and export. The minimum requirement of export is decided in the fair and it depends on many things. there are many regions in China and you each one is decided according to eligibility of exporting. This is all about booth trading and it matters a lot in growing business. You can visit it as a buyer and attend it. even anyone can attend it but there are many things you should consider while looking at any company’s exhibition. These companies are working under laws and rules so this is impossible to get the minimum price as you were guessing.

What Are The Accommodations?

In such days, if you visit China, you won’t be able to get the hotel at the reasonable price because of this fair. The prices charged is doubled or more in this period. Well, these things apart, if you want to buy something in the fair then you need the couple of things to register. First of all, you need passport and visa with the validity period. A business card is the second and import thing. well, if you have an invitation to join canton fair china then you have to pay 100RPM. You are given a badge to enter and if you are willing to visit it again then you can keep it for the next time.