What Is Alibaba Trade Assurance?

What Is Alibaba Trade Assurance

There are lots of B2B platforms available online which help you to meet with the best manufacturer available in china but no one is able to compete Alibaba. This is the most used marketplace which offers you all kind of product, from electronics to toys and clothing. Even you are able to find the best wood worker. This platform is mostly used by e-commerce business companies. Many novices start their business with the help of Alibaba but is it safe to work here? Well, you can consider the fact that you have to pay in advance and after that, you will be able to check the product. There are chances of fraud are high due to this rule that’s why this isn’t the safe method because there are no chances that a customer can get the refund. The thing which can help in this thing is Alibaba trade assurance and this is the safest method of trading on Alibaba. This service is provided by the Alibaba designers and basically, this is for people who are trying to work with a new manufacturer. Actually, this service is made to build the bonding and trust between customer and manufacturer.

Alibaba Trade Assurance – What Are eligibilities?

As you work with a new manufacturer or supplier and you aren’t satisfied with the product then you can get the complete refund under the terms and condition of Alibaba Trade Assurance. The customer must be eligible for the refund and eligibility is decided when the product quality doesn’t match the demand, the product delivery delay, and defected products. These are three basic issues and if you face any of these issues then you are able to get your money back. Now, the burning question is that how this system works? Well, there are manufacturers and suppliers on the Alibaba and people who have signed up on the Alibaba Trade Assurance policy will refund. Not every supplier is the member of this policy you can check it out before getting started. If you are a novice and searching for the best manufacturer then consider the suppliers who have signed up on this form.

Fee Charged For Alibaba Trade Assurance Services

Still now, there is no free charged for Alibaba Trade Assurance and this is said that it will be free. There is no need of paying fees by supplier and customer to get the benefit of this service. Well, there is no benefit of this service to suppliers but this is only for the assurance of customers. This is the reason that such suppliers and manufactures have more customers than normal. The risk with other companies is more that’s why try to avoid them as much as you can. There is a trade assurance logo on such companies and you can check it out whenever you shop on Alibaba. If you click on any of the assurance logos then you will get few more information regarding the manufacturer. Basically, it will tell you that how much amount can be assured. Most of the Supplier’s trade assurance limit is more than you trade value but if you are doing trade with more money so it can affect a little. If you get any issue then the trade money will be recovered according to limit.

What’s More To Do?

Checking the experience of company is really helpful because if you are trading with best company then that must be in the market for a couple of years. Now, when you trade then look for manufacturer with Alibaba Trade Assurance and make sure that you negotiate with the company. Now, complete your payment using Alibaba. The issue occurs with most of people even under this service is that they don’t get the claim for late delivery. Alibaba asks you to fill the forum in which you have to provide the date and if the product is delivered in that time period then there is no issue. However; if the delivery of product crosses deadline then you can ask for refund. You will get the refund in few days but this is surety that you will get your money back which wasn’t possible before.

Alibaba Trade Assurance has helped lots of people who are new in this business and when a novice get into this business then he/she follow some safety tips and don’t try to avoid these in hope of more profit. You may get your products manufactured in cheap price but faulty product will eat up your complete margin.